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At Signature Spa Service, our goal is to always provide the highest level of service to our customers. In addition, we are also adding services to our "line-up" to make the overall spa experience more enjoyable and less work. Below you will find a listing with a brief description of the service provided for in-depth information on a particular service, please click on the appropriate tab on the left or below.

General Repair Service- Our specialty, We can diagnose and repair most issues in the same visit and when we can't, we will do all that we can to get your spa operational as quickly as possible. We stock most of the common components for all the Spas we sell. We handle all Warranty and Non-Warranty repairs on all of our spas.

Winterizing- Not going to use your spa during the cold winter months? Have our experienced technicians winterize your spa and protect it from the harsh winter elements. Protect your investment and avoid costly repairs from improper closing of your spa.

Maintenance- Don't have time to put chemicals in? Can't get that chemistry just right? Let us take care of it! We will take care of all the Maintenance of your spa from cleaning the filters to treating the water with appropriate chemicals. We even provide the chemicals!

Drain, Clean & Refill Service- Having trouble with keeping your spa clean? Execessive Foaming? Just don't have the time needed to drain the spa, clean it well and than refill it? Spa "airlocks" everytime you refill it? We have your answer, Let us do it!! In addition all customer's who purchase this service save 20% on their maintenance chemical purchase.

Signature Spa Service- Our revolutionary at home orientation program where we give detailed instruction on operation, care and maintenance of your new spa.